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Welcome to our 107th Issue! (February 2013)

  • Final and Binding Arbitration
  • Bankruptcy Proof of Claim: What You Need to Know
  • Country Report: Colombia
  • Keeping You In the Know: Business Without Borders


Final and Binding Arbitration

Looking for a way to reduce recovery time and litigation costs related to your international claims? Find out how Final and Binding Arbitration can help. [read article]

Bankruptcy Proof of Claim: What You Need to Know

The what, where, when and how of filing an accurate Bankruptcy Proof of Claim is outlined here -- together with a nine-point checklist to guide you through the process. [read article]

Country Report: Colombia

Colombia is the only country that has never requested a renegotiation of its debt. This reputation as an exemplary debtor, plus a substantial market size and variety of natural resources has allowed Colombia to make progress as an emerging economy since 2011. [read article]

Keeping You "In the Know": Business Without Borders

Business without Borders is an online platform for businesses expanding beyond the U.S. borders. Targeted content addresses the issues and needs of growing U.S. companies, from business tools, global trends and market analysis, to case studies and sector profiles. [visit site]

Quote of the Month

" Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing."

"-- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
16th President of the United States



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ICTF's Global Credit Professionals Symposium

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